About Us

The Wisconsin Wildlife Federation is the only statewide organization dedicated to protecting fish and wildlife habitat, fishing, hunting, ]trapping, and other outdoor sporting and recreational opportunities. We develop and advance policies that protect fish and wildlife habitat, and that promote public access to lands and water for outdoor recreation.

To promote strong conservation policy, we:
  • Work with members of Wisconsin State Legislature and occasionally members of the US Congress.
  • Participate in rulemaking processes to ensure that the law is meaningfully implemented at the administrative level.
  • Work in coalition with other organizations to develop and advance policies important to our members.
  • For more information about our current policies and issues, please see the Legislation section of our web site.

In addition to promoting conservation policy, the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation is committed to educating young people about conservation and outdoor issues. To help us achieve that goal, we operate the MacKenzie Environmental Center (MEEC); one of the most diverse environmental education centers in Wisconsin. In partnership with the DNR and Friends of the MacKenzie Center we work to provide hands-on outdoor's environmental education to youth.

We also are one of the sponsors of the Wisconsin Green School Network (WGSN) which is a network of educators and other professionals committed to helping teachers to develop students' environmental literacy while increasing academic achievement. We provide field biologists to work with schools to enhance hands-on conservation learning. We also provide educational trunks on wildlife for K-12 education, and fund scholarships to future resource professionals.

The Wisconsin Wildlife Federation is a non-profit, member-supported organization. We depend on the support of people like you who value wildlife and hunting. We believe there is strength in numbers and are committed to building our membership so that we can protect wildlife habitat and the interests of sportspeople throughout Wisconsin. Thank you for supporting the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation.