About the Camo Coalition

The purpose of the Camo Coalition is to organize sportsmen and women across Wisconsin to act quickly if there is an issue affecting our wildlife management or outdoor recreation interests. MEMBERSHIP IS FREE.  We are committed to monitoring current issues facing Wisconsin's natural resources and your opportunity to hunt, fish and trap in our state.  As issues arise that need your attention, we will send action alerts that will provide the facts to you so you can voice your opinion to the appropriate decision makers.
The Camo Coalition addresses more than just statewide issues. If there is a conservation issue affecting you regionally or locally, let us know. Together, we can mobilize fellow sportsmen within your region or community to act for the protection of our natural resources.

As Members of the Coalition
It is important that you respond to the action alerts. We will make the process as easy as possible. Don't be fooled into thinking that your voice won't make a difference. It will!  Spread the word. Contact other sportsmen and encourage them to join. For the camo coalition to be effective, we need thousands of active members. The only way that can happen is with your help.

Keeping Wisconsin's Sportsmen and Women Informed

The Camo Coalition is a program of the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation formed to protect Wisconsin's wildlife resources and hunting and fishing heritage. We approach conservation issues from a scientific viewpoint, guided by research, experience and sound management principles. The Coalition has made a commitment to arm you with the facts so you can do your part to direct the future of Wisconsin's natural resources.
This is your chance to make a difference.  As a group, we can work together to protect the future generations of Wisconsin's hunting, trapping and fishing.

How the Camo Coalition Works

No dues or membership fees are required — the process is simple and free. Just click here and enter your contact information. The system will provide a list of your elected officials based on your address and you will be ready to send a message to them with the click of a button. As important conservation issues arise, the Camo Coalition will post educational resources and send alerts to let you know it is time to tell decision-makers what you think.