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To Promote Conservation Education
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Welcome to the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation

Protecting Wisconsin’s Fish & Wildlife, Habitat, Outdoor Heritage & Shooting Sports since 1949.

The Wisconsin Wildlife Federation is a conservation group made up of hunters, anglers, trappers and other individuals that are actively engaged in the outdoors. We deeply appreciate Wisconsin’s wildlife and recognize the importance of protecting fish and wildlife habitat. We understand that the long-term sustainability of fish and wildlife populations depends upon clean water, clean air and healthy forests and grasslands. The Federation is dedicated to the future of hunting, fishing, trapping and shooting sports. We carry out these goals through conservation education and the advancement of sound conservation policies on a state and federal level.

The Wisconsin Wildlife Federation was formed by sportsmen and women in 1949. Historically we have been a strong leader in conservation through our work with sports clubs, citizen volunteers and policy makers. Together, we work to assure that Wisconsin’s outdoor heritage will be available for our children and grandchildren.

Support the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation

We need your help!  You can make an immediate difference by joining or renewing your membership with the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation and by making a donation today!

Your gift will help to support environmental education in Wisconsin, protect fish and wildlife habitat, as well as support strong conservation policy for fishing, hunting, trapping, shooting sports, and other outdoor sporting and recreational opportunities in Wisconsin.

Your gift no matter what size, will make a difference.

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WWF Holds Annual Meeting In-Part Virtually

June 1, 2020   As you know the Federation postponed its April Annual Membership Meeting due to COVID-19. One of the important tasks that the Federation conducts at the Annual Meeting is to elect three District Directors for each of the twelve WWF Districts, elect sixteen at-large Associate Directors and  elect the five principal officers of the organization. Our Affiliate Clubs and Board Members play the key role in nominating and electing those positions. If you serve in one of those capacities, watch your mailbox and emails for a packet of information.

In July, voting members will receive copies of the proposed WWF Committee Policy Resolutions and those that have been proposed by our student Conservation Leadership Corps.

You will be able to read them and if you have questions you will be able to join us in a virtual Zoom telephone/video conference on August 15th to ask clarification questions regarding the resolutions.

You will receive information on how to take part on August 15th Zoom session when you receive your resolutions in July. Your resolution ballot is not due until August 25th.

If you have any questions on this process feel free to contact George Meyer, Executive Director, at 608-516-5545 or or Business Manager, Ruth Ann Lee, at 608-635-0600 or

Thank you.

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