The WWF Traveling education trunks are available for learning with your students despite some changes due to COVID.  We care about the safety and health of you, your students, and our staff; and we are taking some safety precautions.   As we begin to plan for a new school year of learning, we have implemented some new guidelines for use.

  • Trunks are available for up to two weeks at a time.

  • Trunks will be quarantined in the WWF office for a minimum of four days between reservations.

  • Trunks will be available for educators within the State of Wisconsin only.

  • WWF staff will wear gloves and wash hands when preparing materials for shipment and upon their return.

  • WWF staff will use sanitizing measures when receiving  materials, repacking, and preparing materials for outgoing shipment.

  • Please note some materials may not lend themselves to traditional sanitizing methods; so quarantining time is essential.  (i.e. animal pelts)
  • Use of the trunk should be limited to one classroom or cohort.   Please do not share grade wide or school wide.  We want to limit the use to a smaller group of students for safety reasons.

We want to see all students have a great school year and have access to hands-on activities and tools to make learning fun and meaningful.   We hope you enjoy the use of the traveling education trunks.  Please call or email our office today to schedule.

The Wisconsin Wildlife Federation has four wildlife “traveling education trunks.”  Each trunk contains curricula and hands-on materials such as pelts, skulls, tracks, scat, games, books, and videos.  All of our trunks are designed to help educators teach youth about the biology of the animal, its habitat, why the animal is important; about predator-prey relationships; and about why it’s important to protect wildlife habitat.

Bear Trunk 

This trunk features the Black Bear, Grizzly Bear and Polar Bear and includes pelts, replica skulls, replica scat, and molds for making tracks.  The trunk includes stories about bears and an IMAX video about bears (that can be viewed on any video machine) that was produced by the National Wildlife Federation.  The trunk also includes a detailed curriculum guides for grades K-12 that was developed by National Wildlife Federation education staff.

Wolf Trunk

This trunk features the Timber Wolf and includes pelts, fur swatches, replica skulls, replica scat, molds for making tracks, and tracks of prey species.  It includes an IMAX video about wolves (that can be viewed on any video machine) produced by the National Wildlife Federation.  The trunk also includes a detailed curriculum guides for grades K-12 that was developed by National Wildlife Federation education staff.

Whooping Crane Trunk

 This trunk features hands on materials to teach students about Whooping Crane biology, endangered species, and migratory birds.  It includes: replicas of the crane skull, leg, and egg; feathers from Sandhill and Whooping Cranes; samples of crane food; an adult costume and puppet that researchers use when rearing young Whooping Cranes; leg bands that researchers use to mark and identify cranes in the field; a MP3 player with CD/DVD that includes the crane’s calls; video produced by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) about its Crane Easter Partnership; and an instruction manual for educators.  DNR’s Endangered Resources Bureau developed this trunk.


Small Mammals Trunk

This trunk features hands on materials to teach students about Wisconsin’s small mammals. It includes a variety of scat and track replicas, skulls, pelts, interpretive materials as well as two field guides. These resources can be used to explore adaptations among mammals, tracking, taxonomy and many more topics.

Reserving a trunk

We provide these trunks to teachers, clubs, and organizations for a two-week time period.  We do not charge for the use of the trunk.  To reserve your trunk, please call us at (608) 635-0600.  We take reservations on a first come, first served basis.

Comments from Educators

“Thank you so much for sending the Whooping Crane Trunk. The students and teachers who utilized this crane information thoroughly enjoyed it. The students wanted to try on the costume and even missed recess to do so. They were enthralled! Thank you again for making the use of this information possible!”

Jeanette Handrich and Melissa Theusch
Jackson Environmental Discovery Center
Stevens Point, WI

“I cannot say enough good things about the wolf trunk! I was thrilled to be able to bring the coyote & wolf ‘to them’ through the use of the pelts. What an honor and joy. They simply loved it, marveled at everything and were thankful the Bangor Rod & Gun Club paid for postage!”

Kristin Gonia-Larkin
Bangor Elementary School
Bangor, WI

“During Catholic Schools Week all of our students, parents and guests were able to experience the bounty of the trunk. My third graders also read a sampling of my 41 wolf books and wrote factual reports on the wolf. We read our reports to the other class. Once again the wolf trunk received “rave” reviews. Thank you.”

Maria DuVall
St. Mary’s Elementary
Waukesha, WI

“The trunk is wonderful. Students especially enjoyed comparing and contrasting the pelts, skulls and footprints. They really understood which prey animals had better protection through thickness of coat and/or hoof size. Thank you for sharing the excellent resource.”

Gretta Volk
Greenville Elementary School
Greenville, WI

“After returning from our April vacation week, the children and I were thrilled to see the Wolf Trunk had arrived! We had already begun studying about the wolf but the added visuals were priceless. When other teachers came in to view the contents, the kindergarten boys and girls readily would differentiate between the wolf and coyote-via pelts and skulls, identify the fur swatches and explain why the scat was included! Thank you so much for the loan of the Wolf Trunk. We will be going to a wolf sanctuary in Massachusetts on Friday and, thanks to your enclosures, the children will be even more well prepared!”

Caroline Cyr
Devens School
Everett, MA