The Wisconsin Wildlife Federation has developed a unique trailer that is a self contained shooting range; a mobile shooting range perfect for teaching the basics of shooting safety and skill building. Perfect for an on-location activity for hunter safety classes and outdoor skills programs.

The trailer has two panels that open, to reveal the targets, allowing the projectile to be captured inside the trailer. Kevlar shooting curtains that hang on the metal framing are provided to create a safe range. Trailer is equipped with air guns and lead pellets.


Standard Features:

● 9 Crosman Air Guns, .177 cal
● Lead Pellets, .177 cal, Crosman
● CO2 tanks, two
● Exterior metal framing
● Kevlar curtains
● Gun safe for storage of air guns
● Metal silhouette targets


WWF relies on volunteers to pick up and return the trailer, as we do not have the staff capacity to transport. Pick up location can vary depending on prior use, however the trailer is often its homebase in Watertown, WI.


Minimum Requirements/Expectations:

● Individual towing the trailer needs a current and valid drivers license.
● Individuals towing the trailer need to have an appropriate vehicle to tow and appropriate vehicle insurance.
● Trailer needs appropriate supervision and instruction at all times.
○ Hunter Safety Instructor, Certified Range Officer, or Law Enforcement certified individual leading the activity is preferred.

● Trailer needs to be parked and stored in a safe location while in your care.
● Trailer needs to be returned clean and organized with items safely secured inside.
● Recognition of WWF and the shooting trailer in your advertisements, social media, banners, etc.
○ Tag WWF on Facebook at


Trailer Details:
● Aluminum trailer
● Require a 2” hitch


● CO2
● Paper Targets
● Lead Pellets


WWF’s shooting range trailer – mobile range is offered for use with a donation. To keep this resource available, updated, maintained, stocked, and insured; donations are graciously accepted. Donations can be made online at

Reservation requests do not guarantee a reservation. WWF will review your request before confirmation.


For more information and to make a reservation request please contact:
WWF Office